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Active Citizenship Program

Throughout history there are people who have worked towards the betterment of society by performing actions both big and small in their community.  This behavior comes in many forms, from serving in the armed forces; volunteering time to a less fortunate child; cutting a neighbor’s grass who is unable to do so; picking debris up on the parkway; shoveling a neighbor’s snow during winter months; driving an elderly neighbor to a doctors appointment; to coaching a sports team.  These acts of civic kindness are what shape the character of Blue Island and make it a better place for all citizens.

The actions of these “active citizens” often go unnoticed and unrecognized.  The intent of this program is to promote this type of behavior and recognize those citizens who may not realize it, but make Blue Island a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Program Details:

  • Residents can submit the form to Blue Island City Hall.  The nominee will be notified of their recognition and asked if they wish to be publicly recognized (nominees may wish to remain anonymous).  The nominee who wishes to be publicly recognized will be invited to attend a recognition event held at the City Council meeting.
  • ♦ The nominee will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for being an “active citizen” either in the mail or at a City Council meeting.
  • A listing of the nominees who wish to be publicly recognized will have their names given to local media organizations.  Those who wish to remain anonymous will receive the certificate but will not have their names released to the public. 

Download the Active Citizenship Program Nomination Form.