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William Schreiber House

12857 Maple Avenue (built 1950)

12857 Maple Avenue (built 1950)

William Schreiber’s great-grandparents came to Blue Island in the 1840s and founded a shop on Western Avenue that was the forerunner of the hardware business that served Blue Island for over a century.

Schreiber, who served on the board of trustees of the Blue Island Public Library, commissioned his uncle, Robert Seyfarth, to design this house for himself and his mother, Eunice. Because of Mrs. Schreiber’s difficulty negotiating stairs, the house was built on one floor and only inches above grade.

The Schreiber House was Seyfarth’s last commission and was completed after his death – poetically, Seyfarth’s first home, the one he built for himself and his wife, is across the street.

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Photo Credits: Christine L. Hawley