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William Seyfarth House

12904 Elm Street (built 1926)

12904 Elm Street (built 1926)

Robert Seyfarth designed this home for his brother, William Seyfarth, who was a building superintendant in Chicago.

Seyfarth’s home and several other landmarks are located in an area that was once known as “Roche’s Woods.” Purchased in 1855 by Walter P. Roche, the property – lying west of Maple Avenue, extending from Union Street south to York Street and back down the western slope of the Blue Island ridge to the railroad tracks – was maintained in its pristine woodland condition until it was sold after Roche’s death.

Roche’s estate was subdivided in 1922 by Peter Krick and the area, which became known as “Highland Square,” was quickly built up as one of the finest residential sections of Blue Island. The surrounding trees are the last natural remnant of Blue Island’s native woodlands.

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Photo Credits: Christine L. Hawley