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Arthur Seyfarth House

12844 Greenwood Ave (built 1929)

12844 Greenwood Avenue (built 1929)

Arthur Seyfarth was the advertising manager for the International Harvester Company of Chicago, and served for 12 years as President of the District 130 School Board.

For his home Arthur turned to his cousin, architect Robert Seyfarth.  Arthur was the son of Herman Seyfarth and Louise Krueger. Louise was the daughter of one of Blue Island’s best-known residents, Christian Krueger. Louise’s brother (and Arthur’s uncle), Robert Krueger, lived down the street at 12904 Greenwood Avenue and is featured later in this tour.

The oversized, floor-to-ceiling first story windows are a prominent feature in much of Seyfarth’s work.

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Photo Credits: Christine L. Hawley