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Roy E. Geyer House

12850 Greenwood Ave (1923); Robert Seyfarth, arch.

12850 Greenwood Avenue (built 1923)

Roy E. Geyer was a well-to-do insurance executive and together with his wife Irma was prominent in the civic affairs of Blue Island.

The Geyer’s chose architect Robert Seyfarth to design their home. Seyfarth’s work today is highly regarded for its simplicity and eye-pleasing elegance.

Seyfarth believed that good design first took into consideration the shape, placement and proportion of the building’s components, and secondly the studied correctness and simplicity of the ornamentation. The front door, being the most important feature, is usually the only part of the building for which any elaborate decoration is reserved.

Another Seyfarth trademark are the dormer windows which, instead of projecting from the roof, are inset to preserve the geometry of the roof line.

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Photo Credits: Christine L. Hawley