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Historic Landmark & District Requirements

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

The owner of any landmark property or property located within a Historic District is required to receive a COA before a building permit is issued.

The COA indicates that the HPC has reviewed (and authorizes) plans for exterior alteration, construction, demolition in whole or in part, and/or the relocation of a Landmark or property, structure, site or object within a Historic District. The COA is in no way a substitute for a building permit, and all projects must comply with City building code.

An applicant must directly submit to the Commission an application for a COA. The HPC Chair will make the necessary arrangements so that a complete application is on the agenda of the next Commission meeting. Once the HPC approves a COA, the applicant submits the approved certificate to the Building & Zoning Department for permit approval subject to building code.

COA applications are available online, in the Building & Zoning Department, or from the Chair of the HPC.