Electrical Permits

The following fees and deposits are required and shall be paid at the time an application for an electrical permit is filed with the Building & Zoning Department.

Base Electric Permit Fee
Residential Permits
$  30.00
Commercial or Industrial Permits
$  50.00

If your electrical work involves a Service Installation or you are adding or altering Circuits, the following fees will be added to your base Permit Fee, as applicable.

Service Inspection Fees
100 Amps
$  30.00
200 Amps  
$  50.00
400 Amps  
$  75.00
        >400 Amps   $100.00
Adding or Alternating Circuit
Each 15-Amp Circuit
$  10.00
Each 20-Amp Circuit
$  15.00
Each Circuit >20-Amps
$  20.00
1 Motor or Equivalent
$  25.00
Each Additional Meter Fee
$  10.00
Outdoor Signs
Neon & Internal Illuminated Signs
Per square foot
$    1.00
Electrical connection fee
$  35.00

Air Conditioning
Single family residences will have minimum 100-Amp service for central air conditioning air conditioning system prior to approval.

Electrical Permit Application