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Class 6B Property Tax Incentive

About the Class 6B Tax Incentive for Industrial Properties:
Cook County offers the Class 6B property tax incentive to encourage the development of new industrial facilities, rehabilitation of current industrial buildings and the industrial revitalization of vacant structures to attract new industry and increase economic and employment opportunities. Facilities that are eligible for the 6B tax incentive will be assessed at 10% of market value, versus the original assessment of 25% for industrial property, for 10 years, 15% in the 11th year, and 20% in the 12th year.

Qualifying for the Class 6B incentive:

To qualify for the Class 6B incentive, one of the following circumstances must apply.

  1. New Construction – The reduction applies to both land and facilities.
  2. Substantial rehabilitation of existing facilities – The reduction applies to the added value of the rehabilitation, but not the land.
  3. Substantial reoccupancy of “abandoned” property – The reduction applies to both land and facilities. This provision does not mean that a facility must be tax-delinquent to qualify, but only that the owner has not utilized it or has not leased it for 24 consecutive months.

6B Renewal: The Class 6B incentive can be renewed starting in the beginning in the eighth year of the tax reduction until before expiration of the incentive within the twelfth year. If the renewal request is made in the 8th year, then the tax rate will be 10% for the first 10 years and for any succeeding 10-year-renewal periods. If the incentive is not renewed, then assessments will remain 15% in year 11 and 20% in year 12.  **Please note, once the incentive has expired, no request for renewal is permitted.**

Requesting a Class 6B Tax Incentive:

To request a Class 6(b) incentive for a property located within the City of Blue Island, please read and complete the following steps:

  1. Download, read and complete an application packet.
  2. Please be sure to carefully read the instructions in the Cook County Class 6B Eligibility Bulletin included with the packet before completing your application.
  3. Submit a request for a resolution of support for the Class 6B status to the City of Blue Island. Your request should include the following items:
  • Letter of Request containing the following information:
    -Brief description of the company
    -Current address
    -Address and tax parcel number or numbers of the new site
    -Size of the proposed building
    -Number of current employees
    -Number of employees after construction or rehabilitation
    -Explanation of why the Class 6B status is needed for the site
  • An aerial image of the entire property. (Images can be accessed from www.cookcountyassessor.com, Google or GoogleEarth, or provide another medium that best displays an aerial view of the site.)
  • A copy of your completed Cook County Class 6B Application Form.