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119th and Vincennes Redevelopment

Blue Island is seeking a redevelopment partner for the approximately 7.5 acres at the southeast corner of 119th Street and Vincennes Road. Blue Island will actively assist and provide entitlements to the adjacent privately-owned parcels in order to spur a stronger redevelopment and transformation.

In March 2015 the City of Blue Island issued a public RFQ intended for prospective responders use in considering whether to submit development qualifications. For questions and correspondence regarding this opportunity email Jason Berry, AICP, Deputy Director of Community Development at jberry@cityofblueisland.org

REVISED 2017-05 – Phase I ESA – for 11941 and 11955 Vincennes Ave

Download the RFQ Here.

Attachment Folder
1 – NE Mixed Use District Site Map
2a – Phase I ESA Report _Site 01_City of Blue Island
2b – Phase II ESA Report_Site 01_City of Blue Island
2c – Prelim Closure Strategies & Costs_Site 01_City of Blue Island
3 – Phase I ESA Report_Former Sexton Landfill_City of Blue Island
4 – Sexton Landfill Boundaries
5 – Infrastructure Base Map

Additional Documentation
119th Street Station – Initiative for the Chicago Southland Transit Region (2011)
SSMMA Community Transit Center design guidelines
RTA ULI Developer Panel Summary Report (2013)
NE Mixed Use District PowerPoint presentation
Blue Island Comprehensive Plan (2012)

NE Mixed Use District Site Map