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Blue Islanders Hockey Team

The Blue Islanders are our local amateur hockey team, which plays in the South Suburban Adult Hockey League (SSAHL).

The team consists almost entirely of former pond and high school skaters who have lived, worked, played or are connected with Blue Island.

You can cheer on our Blue Islanders at the Southwest Ice Arena in Crestwood or the Oak Lawn Ice Arena.

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2013 Fall Schedule

G1: Sat. 9/7 9:15pm @ OL
G2: Wed. 9/18 10pm @ SIA
G3: Wed. 9/25 10pm @ SIA
G4: Sat. 9/28 9:15pm @ OL
G5: Sat. 10/5 9:15pm @ OL
G6: Sat. 10/12 9:15pm @ OL
G7: Wed. 10/23 10pm @ SIA
G8: Wed. 10/30 10pm @ SIA
G9: Sat. 11/2 10:30pm @ OL
G10: Sat. 11/9 9:15pm @ OL


1st vs 4th – 11/16 10pm @ SIA
2nd vs 3rd – 11/16 10:50pm @ OL
Championship – 11/21 9:45pm @ OL

SIA = Southwest Ice Arena: 5505 W 127th St, Crestwood
OL = Oak Lawn Ice Arena: 9400 S Kenton Ave, Oak Lawn

Team History

The Blue Islanders officially formed in the fall of 2010, but the concept began brewing earlier that winter. A resurrected sheet of ice on Blue Island’s Hart Park tennis courts brought together many old friends who had not skated in years. Multiple times a week in sun, snow , cold or under the lights, they could be found carving up the ice in their old worn-out skates. As spring melted the ice, they moved their game indoors to any ice arena they could get ice time, which was usually after midnight on weekends. The heat of summer eventually poured on, but once a week everyone got their biggest kicks out on the ice. The only logical next step was to form a real team.

As the roster grew by what seemed to be exclusively old Blue Island boys, it was suggested one night in the locker room to name the team “The Blue Islanders.” By the next day, an NHL team (by a similar name) inspired the logo, which was met with high-fives and nods of approval by teammates. Jerseys were pressed, skates were sharpened and the puck officially dropped for the Islanders on September 25th, 2010.

Roster (Past and Present)

# Player Pos. # Player Pos.
2 Tom Spratt F 19 Dennis Hawes F
3 Darcy Folliard C 20 Paul Yerkes F
4 Brendan Murphy F 21 John Carroll F
5 Chris Walsh D 25 Troy Martin F
6 Jeff Brkovic D 26 Brian Mase F
7 Tony Stefanelli F 27 Drew Yerkes D
9 Roger Decker D 28 Jeff Cerullo F
10 Tom Damato C 35 Kyle Kodatt G
13 Nick Pochopien D 38 Josh Tate F
14 Joe Watson F 77 Jim Yerkes D
18 Josh Watson D 88 Billy Decker D