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Blue Island Plan Update


2 public meetings were held for the Blue Island Plan Update.

  1. Workshop 1, held 2/25/2009,  served as an informational session of what goals of the Plan have been met while also allowing residents to see other projects occurring in Blue Island.
  2. Workshop 2, held 3/04/2009, was a interactive design charette focused on the TOD & Streetscaping on Western Ave.

Workshop 1: 2/25/2009 Informational Meeting

Workshop 1 was set up as 4 informational stations:  Development Projects; Cal-Sag Trail and Housing; Downtown Redevelopment; Brownfields Redevelopment.

Station I: Development Projects


  • • Blue Island Land Use Manager presented an overview of completed and ongoing development projects in Blue Island and explained progress on implementaion of the city-wide priorities detailed in the Blue Island Plan.  
  • • KLOA, transportation planning consultant for the Western Avenue Cooridor project, presented a simulation of an uncoupled (1-way) Western/Gregory Ave traffic pattern based on early results of the Western Avenue Traffic Study.

Development Project Station Materials

Station II: Cal-Sag Trail and Housing

Station III: Downtown Redevelopment

  • • Downtown Redevelopment Presentation

Station IIII:  Brownfields Redevelopment

  • • Brownfields Redevelopment Presentation

Workshop 2: 3/04/2009 Design Charette

Workshop 2 included 2 interactive charettes that allowed residents to design their ideal streetscape and downtown development scenario.

  1. Streetscaping Design Exercise
  2. TOD-Housing Exercise