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Transportation & Transit

Blue Island is conveniently located near Interstate 57, which is just a short 15 miles to Downtown Chicago’s Loop. Interstate 57 also provides convenient links to nearby suburbs and virtually the entire Midwest through connection with Interstates 294 and 80.


Blue Island is located .25 miles west of I-57, .5 miles east of the Tri-State Tollway and is bisected by Western Avenue, which in Blue Island is part of the historic Dixie Highway. In its heyday, Dixie Highway connected Chicago with Miami, Florida.

Commuter Rail

Blue Island is a hub for Metra Trains and is home to 6 stations on the Rock Island District and Electric Lines. There are numerous (about 102!) trains heading to and from Blue Island and Downtown Chicago’s Loop daily and usually arrive within 30-45 mins. To find out train schedules and station locations, visit the Metra website at www.metrarail.com.

Bus Service

Pace Suburban Bus Service
PACE Bus transportation is easy and convenient throughout Blue Island, Downtown Chicago and surrounding communities. The city’s streets are pedestrian-friendly for those who like to walk to the store, school or library, or just for fun of it. For more information about schedules and bus stops, visit PACE’s Bus Schedule & Map page and new Route Finder.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Bus Service
CTA Route 49A-South Western runs along Western Ave from Blue Island into Chicago.  For more information on routes, fares and schedules, visit CTA online or download the Route 49A Schedule and Route Map.

Regional Transportation Authority

CTA, Metra and PACE are all a part of the Northeastern Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). Visit goroo.com to plan a multi-modal trip, obtain transit schedules or search for the next train/bus on the CTA, Metra and/or PACE systems.  Visit RTA online for additional information or to download the RTA Regional System Map.


Chicago’s 2 major airports have hundreds of flights daily and are easily accessible by car or bus. Chicago Midway International Airport is 12.5 miles (30 mins)  from Blue Island, while O’Hare International is 34 miles (45 mins) away.


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