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Ward Redistricting Committee – Final Draft

After two public hearings and several submissions from the public, the Ward Redistricting Committee has released their final draft of the new wards.

Final 2 Draft 

Final Draft spreadsheet deviation

To view the first draft plans, visit: http://www.blueisland.org/2015/12/23/ward-redistricting-committee-first-draft/

Remember to join us for another public hearing on Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 7:00 pm in the East Annex of the City of Blue Island, 2434 Vermont St

Process for Developing and Approving a New Districting Plan

The City Council has appointed a Redistricting Committee that includes five aldermen. After holding four public hearings and reviewing the public input, the committee is charged with making a recommendation to the City Council in January.

How to participate in the Redistricting Process

1) Attend a redistricting meeting.

All meetings by the  Redistricting Committee are already displayed on this page of the website. Draft materials may be attached to meeting agendas on the website. Materials reviewed at the meetings will be attached to the meeting minutes, which are linked from the agenda of the subsequent meeting.

 2) Submit ideas at public meetings or directly to the Redistricting Committee

The Redistricting Committee invites your comments at all public hearings.

You may also email questions, ideas or documents to the Redistricting Committee’s Chairman, Alderman Fred Bilotto at  fbilotto@cityofblueisland.org  You must include your name and address
You must include your name and address.