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Passport Parking in Blue Island

Welcome to the new way to park in Blue Island!  Starting February 1, 2016 Passport Parking is the new easy and convenient way to pay for parking in Blue Island using a mobile phone, tablet or computer.  By April 1st, Passport Parking will replace old coin boxes at commuter train lots and streamline the process to sign up for overnight parking for visitors.

If you sign up for Passport Parking on the week of January 18th to January 22nd, you can get a day of free parking! All you have to do is use this code: 79906518

Below are the Passport zone assignments for the Metra lots:

  • 1401 – Vermont Street Station Lot
  • 1402 – Grove and Irving North Lot
  • 1403 – Grove Street South Lot
  • 1404 – Fulton and Irving Lot
  • 1405 – Vermont Street North
  • 1406 – 1900 W. 127th Street
  • 1407 – 11900 S. Washington Street

Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions on Passport Parking or visit their website at www.gopassport.com to sign up today!