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Beware of Ruse Burglaries

This the time of year when law enforcement begins receiving calls from our elderly regarding Ruse Burglaries. As business owners and residents, we ask you to keep an extra watch on your elderly family members and neighbors.

The Ruse Burglary is as simple as an offender comes to the door and states they are from the City’s water department or a utility company and gives the victim a reason to enter the home. Once inside the home the victim is distracted by one offender while others enter the home to steal jewelry and money. The thieves target communities with older residents.

There are things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Do not open the door unless you have requested service
  • Be cautious about letting unfamiliar people into your home
  • Contact your utility company to confirm technicians are scheduled to work in your neighborhood
  • Ask to see identification from anyone claiming to represent a city agency or utility company. Do not be afraid to ask for identification!
  • Write down vehicle information and suspect description information for any suspicious people. City workers and utility company workers should have a well marked vehicle!
  • Call 911 to report suspicious activity