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How You Can Help Tornado Victims in Kirkland, IL

The Mayor’s Assistant, Marisol Barrera, spoke with Blue Island Resident, Adam Roush, who is helping the victims of the tornado in Kirkland, IL and posted the following:

“The Mayor is looking to post information on our Blue Island media to help get the word out on how our community can help the victims of the recent tornado that hit.

A Blue Islander native Adam Roush, who I had the honor of speaking to, has taken trips out to help the city of Kirkland, IL, slept in his truck and basically volunteered for food meanwhile, posting victim requests/needs on Facebook.

Here is a link to get us started. http://villageofkirkland.com/

Also, Adam has a collection box for donations located in the Clerk’s office and, will be picking up donations this Friday, next Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you for your attention and consideration”.