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City Council Awards

Mayor Vargas and the Department Head presented the following Awards:

Tina Nedved
Pictured: Director Rita, Dispatcher Tina Nedved and 911 Supervisor Jim McGeever
Telecommunicator of the Year (911): Tina Nedved

Corporal Chris Connors
Pictured: Director John Rita, Corporal Chris Connors and Daughters, Mayor Vargas and Deputy Chief Cornell
Policeman of the Year: Corporal Chris Connors

Ken Dompeling
Pictured: Director John Rita, Firefighter Ken Dompeling, Mayor Vargas, Chief Klinker
Fireman of the Year: Ken Domeling (who also retired this week after 31 years with the Blue Island Fire Department

Rev. Peter Contreras
Pictured: Phyllis Contreras, Dr. Peter V. Contreras, Jr., Mayor Domingo Vargas.
Resolution Honoring the Accomplishments and Legacy of Dr. Peter V. Contreras, Jr.