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Community Resilience Workshop

Focus on Disaster Resilience, including Flood Prevention

Has your home or business been impacted by extreme weather, especially rainstorms that cause floods and related damage like the one that happened in April 2013? If so, Cook County, on behalf of the Northeastern Illinois Resilience Partnership (which includes Cook County, City of Chicago, DuPage County and State of Illinois) invites you to attend any one of our community meetings to share your experiences and ideas about making your home, business, and neighborhood more resilient.

We are defining regional resilience as the ability of a region to maintain and improve quality of life in the face of hazards, stressors, or shocks by reducing vulnerabilities across the interacting built, natural, and social systems, and by increasing the capacity to adapt over time.

We look forward to your participation at any one of our upcoming community workshops – Community Resilience Workshop Schedule.

There is also a link to a survey for residents in your community to complete: There is also a link to a survey.