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Transform Blue Island through Groupon!

The City of Blue Island – B.I.G.G. (Blue Island Going Green), has partnered with Groupon Grassroots for a local Placemaking Initiative to help Transform the 119th Street Welcome Berm.

Activate B.I.G.G. is a community-wide effort to improve underutilized spaces in Blue Island, beginning with the entry-space located at 119th & Vincennes. Donations will help purchase equipment & materials needed for a passive recreational space for residents, area bicyclists, and Metra train users.
Blue Island, IL – Today the City of Blue Island and Groupon Grassroots (http://grassroots.groupon.com), the philanthropic arm of Groupon, announce the launch of a local campaign to make aesthetic improvements at Blue Island’s 119th Street Welcome Berm.

The Activate B.I.G.G. campaign is available on the Blue Island Groupon Grassroots page beginning on Friday, August 1st and running through Friday, August 22nd. Utilizing Groupon Grassroots’ collective action model, Groupon subscribers can pledge support for the Activate B.I.G.G. initiative in increments of $10. Each donation brings us one step closer toward installation of a gazebo and rain barrel for on-site tree & flower maintenance, as well as, a number of benches and a public book depot.

According to local officials, future development around the Berm is important as the site currently features nothing other than a train station. Developing this space as a passive recreational node not only will encourage and connect local bike users, but will also lend space for desired social events such as plant exchanges & pop-up farmer’s markets.

Ultimately, leveraging the collective action model of Groupon Grassroots will help the City further develop the Berm and introduce “peace amid chaos” in the Blue Island community.

One hundred percent of the Groupon Grassroots campaign proceeds will be used to purchase materials needed for site improvements. In addition to cash donations, supporters are encouraged to contact the Blue Island Planning Department to request information on volunteer opportunities and/or material donations.

To learn more about Groupon Grassroots, visit http://grassroots.groupon.com. To subscribe to Groupon, visit http://www.groupon.com.

For more information, contact Sean Terry, City of Blue Island – Department of Planning, 708-396-7055, sterry@cityofblueisland.org