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“Strange August Night” featuring Ursula Bielski and Her Friends

The Blue Island Library present:

UFO investigator, Sam Maranto, marks the 10th Anniversary of “Tinley Park’s Lights”, the 2004 UFO event when thousands of area residents saw bright objects over the Southern Suburbs. Maranto will show some of the hours of video he collected from witnesses during his investigation.
7:00 pm, Tuesday, August 12th
Blue Island Library, 2433 York Street@

Master Illusionist, Author and Houdini Biographer, William Pack, explores the life and legend of the ‘World’s Greatest Illusionist” and performs some amazing Houdini illusions!
7:00 pm, Wednesday, August 13th
Christ Memorial Church, 2440 York

Ursula Bielski asks, “So just who is Resurrection Mary?” MacKenzie’s is haunted, so you just don’t know who else might materialize!
Ursula plans to join us each evening to introduce her guests, meet her fans and autograph books. Her “Resurrection Mary ” display will be at the Library on the First Two Nights of the event!
Plan to join the fun! Tickets required for this presentation. Tickets are limited and available, while they last, at the Library and at Franklin Framing, 13019 Western in Blue Island. Contact Dan, 708-388-1078×30 or Greg, 708-388-1000 for more information. Sponsored by the Blue Island Chamber of Commerce
6:30 pm, Thursday, August 14th
Mackenzie’s Place, “A Truly Haunted Blue Island Bar”, 12759 S. Lincoln, Blue Island.

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