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Request for Proposals/Qualifications: Parcel D Cleanup

Blue Island’s environmental consultant, V3 Companies, is requesting proposals/qualifications from qualified contractors for subcontract work related to the excavation, hauling, and disposal of oil-contaminated soils and the restoration of excavated areas within the Parcel D Cleanup area at the Northeast Mixed Use Commercial Park (119th/Vincennes). Details are provided below.


Project Name: Parcel D (TPH Cleanup Area)

Project Owner: City of Blue Island, 13051 Greenwood Avenue

Pre-Proposal Site Meeting: A pre-proposal site meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. at the Remediation Site. Access to the site is through a sliding chain-link gate located immediately east of the intersection of 119th Street and Division Street, at the north side of the former landfill. A map and directions will be provided separately to all bidding contractors. This will be the only scheduled opportunity to discuss the project, tour the site, and ask questions about the Contract Scope of Work.

RFP/Q Response Due: 10:00 A.M., March 28, 2014

Submit response to: Craig A. McCammack, V3 Companies, Ltd., via email at cmccammack@v3co.com.

Project Scope: Excavation, hauling, and disposal of oil-contaminated soils, and restoration of excavated areas as described in more detail in the Contract Scope of Work included in the RFP/Q.

Begin Work: Work shall commence within ten (10) calendar days from a written “Notice to Proceed” by V3 Companies, Ltd. (V3). It is anticipated that work will begin in early April 2014.

Contractor shall provide completed proposal cost sheet and all support materials requested/required in this Request for Proposals/Qualifications (RFP/Q) by email to Craig McCammack at V3 Companies of Illinois, Ltd. (V3), on behalf of the City of Blue Island (City). To be considered for the remediation work all materials must be received by 10:00 A.M., March 28, 2014.

Download the Request for Proposals/Qualifications document. (Updated 3/14/14 at 3:41pm)