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Ventra is Here, Pace Riders

Ventra_logo_mediumVentra is the easy new way to pay for Pace and CTA

Benefits of transitioning to the new Ventra Card include some fare policy changes:

  • New 30-Day Premium Pass will be available for Express Routes
  • The 10-Ride Plus Ticket will be replaced by the Ventra Card, allowing you to add the amount of transit value you need.
  • The Student Haul Pass will be replaced by the 30-Day Reduced Fare Pass, with no change in price and flexibility to begin 30-day pass period when desired.
  • Transfer Cards will no longer be issued to customers paying with cash as of December 15th. Ventra Card users save money by continuing to offer 25¢ transfers.

Look for Pace staff meeting riders during the transition period through December. For more information, please visit PaceBus.com/Ventra

Ventra cards can be purchased at New Blue Island Currency Exchange for $5.00. After activation of temporary cards the $5.00 for the purchase of their cards will be credited to their new permanent card that will be mailed to them within a 2 week period. We also refill all Ventra cards.