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A Message from Mayor Domingo Vargas

 I must admit to you, this has been one of the most challenging weeks as Mayor. Finding out last Thursday evening that I had lost a dear friend, a colleague, and our Mayor Pro Tem was almost too much to bear. The support of my staff, the outpouring of concern and love for Michael Janko from every corner of Blue Island and beyond was the fuel that drove us all on. I would like to thank everyone who helped this past week. From the bunting, the Police, the Fire Department, and the kind reports that our TV stations did was nothing short of extraordinary.

The loss did not stop there…our fair City also lost another remarkable man, Mr. Jack Simmerling. Jack’s art graces many city buildings, homes, and other public institutions around the globe. He was a man of many talents and offered himself to causes throughout the city.

Both Michael and Jack will be missed deeply.

Lastly, myself and the entire public staff of the City of Blue Island send our condolences to the Simmerling and Janko family.


Mayor Domingo Vargas