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Blue Island Poised to Adopt Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Alliance has drafted a plan for Blue Island to help guide the City as it develops an Active Transportation Network. This Plan will be presented by ATA on Tuesday, February 28 at City Council.

Download the Draft of Blue Island’s Active Transportation Plan Here! [7.05 MB]

Building on our groundbreaking, nationally recognized Complete Streets Ordinance, the highlights of the Active Transportation Plan include:

  • Distinctive bicycle facilities, such as green pavement and bicycle prioritization to identify the Cal-Sag Trail
  • Reopening Chatham Street Bridge as a bicycle and pedestrian promenade
  • A connected network of signed bicycle routes
  • “Road Diets” and bike lane installation on Gregory Street and Western Avenue
  • Pedestrian safety improvements for Eisenhower HS students and staff
  • Major crossing improvements for Western Avenue, Vermont Street, and Burr Oak Avenue
  • Opportunities to connect California Gardens to Uptown and the Cal-Sag Trail
  • Restoring “Blue Bridge” as a recreation promenade for fishing and site-seeing

It makes good sense for the City to continue to promote what Blue Islanders have enjoyed for 175 years: short, walkable blocks, easy connections to shopping and dining, and an incredibly connected transportation network. Our Active Transportation Plan provides the framework for economic growth and community health.

Blue Island’s Active Transportation Plan was supported by Blue Island’s Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant.