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Blue Island Bike Commutes!

Bike to Work Week is upon us again! Once again, the City of Blue Island is hosting a team. If you bike to work this week, let us know!

We’ll report the City’s participation for our employees and elected officials as well as open the challenge to all Blue Island residents. So spread the word… ANYONE that bikes to work this week from or to Blue Island will be entered in the Community Development Dept’s annual bike to work week raffle. Win stuff!! Register your trips with Mary Poulsen – mpoulsen@cityofblueisland.org – so we can tally your participation. The more often you bike to work, the more chances to win – enter every day!

This year Mayor Donald E. Peloquin has challenged our Alderman to join him and Bike to Work @ City Council on Tuesday, June 14. If you’re interested in riding in together we will rendezvous in front of Cal-Sag Cycles at 12840 Western Ave at 6pm. Wrenches are on hand if you need a quick sidewalk tune-up. We’ll leave the shop and roll down to the Annex around 6:30pm.

Check out ATA’s full list of bike week events here and join us on Thursday, June 16 for a Bike After Work dinner at Tenochtitlan followed by a bike cruise of Historic Blue Island, leaving the restaurant at 7:30 pm.

We had a fantastic kick-off to Bike to Work Week on Saturday with Cal-Sag Cycles, the nation’s FIRST pop-up bike shop. We are all be proud of the hard work these kids put in, servicing 90 bikes in a little over 4 hours! Visit www.calsagcycles.com to learn more.